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"Bumping into people at high speeds should have been my true calling."

I’m gonna do the Macarena in the background!

Ian's season 4 story line was a lead up to REVEAL what was going on with him, that's why the episode ended with no one really knowing what to do and us not knowing if he himself even realizes what's going on. Season 5 will have an entire 13 episodes to explore his disorder. Don't worry Shameless isn't some movie that ends with a cliffhanger and no answers later on.

Idk if you meant to come of kinda annoyed but you sound annoyed so sorry for that it was more of a vent post mainly bc i knew early on that they were setting ian up to have bipolar and i was kinda exicited to see them explore and portray ( which i mean what they did show was accurate at least to me) but i was just upset this season bc i felt like there just wasnt that much, but they did have a lot more mickey and his charac development so. I know theyre gonna explore it more but yea. Im still annoyed w some aspects of how they handled it


Ryan and Lindsay have the best relationship