Lindsay Jones Defense Squad





i just saw a woman pull food stamps out of her louis vuitton purse to pay for her groceries

but that’s none of my business

this bold faced lie tho

That’s right it isn’t ur fucking business.

that bag couldve been a gift or somethin shes had for years but lol

“Don’t go to college, make videos on YouTube.”

I forgot how much puberty actually helped me thanks god (itd be cool if i could lose like ten more lbs thanks god you an og)

Michael Jones, had started off his career with making Youtube videos & he’s still doing that today. It’s hilarious to understand that he rages so much towards Gavin though in reality, that’s his best friend. His anger and frustration is hilarious & he’s such a loving husband towards Lindsay. But we all know that we never want Michael to go through that hair stage again. 

Gavin vs His own gag reflex

Warning: Massive Doctor Who Series 8 Leak - The Know

slow mo guys + water


Geoff the Vaporeon ventriloquist (x)